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Refuge Network International
A poverty alleviation and community empowerment nonprofit promoting equitable access to food, housing, healthcare, education, and an adequate standard of living for individuals and families. 


150 Million

People Homeless Worldwide

698 Million

People Living In Extreme Poverty

828 Million

People Hungry On Earth

244 Million

Children & Youths Out Of School


making a difference | changing lives | one person at a time

Refuge Network International is a non-profit humanitarian organisation whose mission is to fight against social injustices, empower the marginalized, and alleviate human suffering principally through the promotion of Economic and Social Rights (ESR) in pragmatic and innovative ways.


  • Promote Economic and Social Rights through research.

  •  Fight poverty.

  • Support homeless people, refugees, victims of modern-day slavery and various marginalised communities.

  • Help disadvantaged children and youths.

  • Distribute food, groceries, toiletries, clothing and other essential items to the impoverished.


We are a network of three distinct non-profit organisations comprising Refuge Network, No Poverty Campaign, and Charity Across Borders. We work with the homeless, victims of human trafficking, refugees, individuals living in abject poverty, and other marginalized groups. 

With the dedication of our volunteers, partners and supporters, we strive to improve the lives of the needy. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change.


Amount of life-saving food we have distributed during Covid and the cost of living crisis. We have also given out thousands of clothes, toiletries & other essentials.

Places where we have  carried out humanitarian operations or have ongoing projects. The numbers are 13 countries and 20 cities across two continents.

Number of high impact community events we organised last year to fight poverty and empower marginalised communities was over 130.

International representation of our volunteers. Our volunteer programme has attracted dedicated workers representing over 100 countries.

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  • Central London Homeless Outreach Event
    Central London Homeless Outreach Event
    Tiu, 27 Feb
    27 Feb 2024, 14:00 – 16:00
    London, Charing Cross, London, UK
    27 Feb 2024, 14:00 – 16:00
    London, Charing Cross, London, UK
    No one can survive without food, and we all need good health and adequate shelter to thrive.
  • Soup Kitchen & Central London Homeless Outreach Event
    Soup Kitchen & Central London Homeless Outreach Event
    Sat, 02 Maa
    02 Maa 2024, 13:00 – 15:00 GMT
    London, Strand, Charing Cross, London, UK
    02 Maa 2024, 13:00 – 15:00 GMT
    London, Strand, Charing Cross, London, UK
    No one can survive without food, and we all need good health and adequate shelter to thrive.

Upcoming Events



We work to provide simple, pragmatic and efficient solutions to the multifarious manifestations of poverty affecting marginalised communities.

Refuge Network International is fighting poverty on multiple fronts. Our:

  • COMMUNITY KITCHEN & MOBILE FOOD BANKS are providing free meals/groceries and fighting food poverty.

  • HYGIENE BANK is distributing free toiletries and fighting hygiene poverty.

  • CLOTHES BANK is handing out free clothes and fighting clothing poverty.

  • DIGITAL DEVICE & DATA BANK is facilitating the distribution of free technology devices/data and fighting digital poverty.

 Our community kitchen & mobile food bank service

The right of EVERYONE to adequate nutritious food is guaranteed in international law. To protect that right, we buy a significant amount of the food and drinks we distribute so as to provide a wide selection of nutritious food options for the varied nutritional requirements of our service users. Refuge Network also partners with a few supermarkets  and  businesses to help with preventing wastage and redistributing surplus food via our mobile food bank and other outreach programmes.  It is a win-win situation, one that reduces the environmental impact of wasted food and contributes towards preventing climate change.

Food for rough sleepers on the streets

1 - 2022-07-31T142714.098.jpg

No one can survive or thrive without food; it is a basic human need. The right to adequate food is guaranteed in international law.  Distressingly, over 8 million people in the UK are living in food poverty and struggling to eat. The  cost of living crisis has impacted many,  significant numbers are ending up on the streets as rough sleepers.

In addition to the masses of suffering homeless people on the streets, many individuals on low or no income are struggling to eat or take care of basic needs.Our Soup kitchen and outreach programmes are targeted at these highly vulnerable members of our community. Our simple strategy is to identify and focus on the most desperate cases (those on the streets), while not ignoring others with less obvious needs. 

Soup kitchen for the community 

1 - 2022-11-15T132050.155.jpg
1 - 2022-12-08T065552.670.jpg

London Victoria Outreach

1 - 2021-10-17T120314.531.jpg

Our Outreach in Victoria covers the areas around the train and coach stations and their environs. 


1 - 2023-01-03T074153.963.jpg

We have regularly weekly outreach events in the vicinities of  Waterloo and Embankment. 

   Charing Cross Outreach

1 - 2022-12-22T172003.066.jpg

The Refuge Network soup kitchen at Charing Cross  distributes food, toiletries, clothes & essentials.

Camden/Oxford St Outreach

1 - 2021-07-30T150238.217.jpg

We serve  homeless people in Warren Street, Goodge Street, Euston, Soho & Oxford Street area.  

Leicester Square Outreach

1 - 2022-12-08T062213.172.jpg

Our Homeless Outreach  teams visit Leicester Square regularly to support rough sleepers.

Brixton/Clapham Outreach


We provide assistance to individuals  in  Brixton & Clapham areas of Lambeth  & Wandsworth  

The Strand Outreach


In addition to the soup kitchen at Charing Cross,  we cover  the Strand & Westminster Station .

East St/LondonBridge Outreach

1 - 2021-07-08T132152.456.jpg

We support rough sleepers around London Bridge & East Street in Southwark.


Our partners are philanthropic change-makers. These are some of the fantastic socially-conscious organisations that have contributed in various ways to enhance our poverty alleviation and community empowerment programmes. We owe a lot to food partners like M&S, corporate volunteering partners like Timberland, and institutions like the National Theatre of Great Britain who have supported us with material donations.  We welcome partnerships with individuals, groups, brands, corporations, and institutions. You could register your team on one of our volunteering programmes or sponsor an outreach event. We will gratefully  accept material  and financial donations.


You can help by volunteering with us at home or abroad! We need local and international volunteers. Individuals, groups, families, young, and old are all welcome. We are not complicated and we do not discriminate! We all have something to offer, and everyone can make a difference. 


Everyone deserves a fair chance, and nobody should be forced to live without food, clothing and basic necessities. You can help us to support some of the most deprived members of the community by donating to our life-saving work. 


There is urgent demand for:

  • Coats & jackets

  • Trousers and shirts

  • Trainers & shoes

  • Underwears including boxers (unused)

  • Mobile phones

  • Rucksacks & luggage bags

  • Sleeping bags

  • Tents

  • Oyster cards

  • Socks and gloves

  • Toiletries

Get to Know Us

A little info on our Leadership Team & Volunteers

Our Team

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